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If so you can download any of the below versions for testing. The product will function as normal except for an evaluation limitation. At the time of purchase we provide a license file via email that will allow the product to work in its full capacity. If you would also like an evaluation license to test without any restrictions for 30 days, please follow the directions provided here.

GroupDocs.Total Cloud for Java Product Family

Home of Java Cloud REST APIs & Java SDKs that help you build Document Viewer, Parser, Annotator, Converter, Merger, & other Document Automation Apps.

GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud SDK for .NET

Paraphrase plain text, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents using documents paraphrasing Cloud SDK & REST API.

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud is a platform independent document viewer API that allows you to display over 50 types of documents and images in any type of application. The viewer provides high-fidelity document rendering and can be used with any language that supports HTTP requests.

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud is a document annotation API that allows developers to easily add document viewing and annotation functionality to their applications. It is a true REST API that can be used with any language and on any platform. The API allows you to use its powerful annotation features with well-structured API calls.

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API lets you to convert back and forth between over 50 common file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, HTML, TXT, CAD, raster images (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP) and many more.

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud Product Family

The GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud is a RESTful API that allows you to merge/compare two documents of a similar format. The API can be used with any language and on any platform.

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API is an easy way to give your apps e-signature functionality with features like adding e-signature to a document, verifying a document, searching signature in a document and much more.

GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud is document generation and reporting REST API. It boosts document generation process with cross platform automation assembly APIs in your application. It allows to generate multi format documents from templates on the fly.

GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud Product Family

Extract & manipulation metadata of documents, images and other popular file formats using platform & programming language of your choice.

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud is a document data extraction REST API solution to parse documents and extract Data from over 50 document types. One of the most valuable features of GroupDocs.Parser Cloud is parsing documents with predefined templates. You can parse PDF and file formats from Word, Excel, Web, eBooks, Emails, ZIP archives to extract text, images, and metadata using the REST API.

GroupDocs.Editor Cloud Product Family

A document editor API and SDKs that allow editing the most popular document formats using front-end WYSIWYG editors without any additional applications like Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. GroupDocs.Editor Cloud API possesses the ability to extract relevant information about the edited document, such as the document type, document size, and page count, and also provides a set of options to customize the editing process for word processing documents, spreadsheets, comma-separated & tab-separated values.

GroupDocs.Merger Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Merger Cloud is a REST API solution to split and merge documents on any platform. It also reliably rotate, tilt, change orientation, reorder document pages of a wide range of Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, eBook, PDF, text, LaTeX and other document formats.

GroupDocs.Classification Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Classification Cloud REST API is a platform independent REST API, that will allow developers to add document/text classification feature in their applications using a simple set of requests. It performs classification to known categories. It support text and document classification into Interactive Advertising Bureau taxonomy (IAB-2) or Documents taxonomy.

GroupDocs.Translation Cloud Product Family

Use language translation RESTful API easily with .NET Cloud SDK to transform text and on-page contents of popular business file formats into 9 international languages and 16 language pairs.