compile(group: 'com.groupdocs', name: 'groupdocs-total-cloud', version: '22.6')
<dependency org="com.groupdocs" name="groupdocs-total-cloud" rev="22.6">
    <artifact name="groupdocs-total-cloud" ext="pom"/>
libraryDependencies += "com.groupdocs" % "groupdocs-total-cloud" % "22.6"

Document Automation Java REST API


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GroupDocs.Total Cloud is an all-rounder set of REST APIs that cater to most of your needs regarding document automation in the cloud. Use our Java SDKs to build your own cloud-based online Java Apps capable of viewing, annotating, converting, comparing, digitally signing, parsing, watermarking, editing, merging, & translating documents hosted on the cloud storage. Most of the popular file formats are supported. No 3rd party software installation is required.

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Java

Cloud Document Viewer Java SDK that helps you build Java Apps capable of viewing & rendering most popular file formats in the cloud. View Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, OpenOffice®, HTML, emails, PDF, and so many other types of files without installing any 3rd party tool.

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud SDK for Java

Document Annotator Java REST API that works with various types of annotations, such as, area annotation, distance annotation, ellipse annotation, image annotation, link annotation, point annotation and others. Also work with watermarking and redaction in the cloud.

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for Java

Document Converter Java Cloud REST API helps you convert the cloud files from one file format to another without compromising the document formatting & layout. Convert cloud documents to Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Image, HTML, PDF and other formats.

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud SDK for Java

Compare Cloud Documents via Java REST API to detect differences in the content, formatting, & styling of the cloud-hosted files. Accept or reject the changes once the document comparison results are fetched.

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Java

Secure your cloud documents via eSignature Java SDK that lets you apply various types of digital signatures to your documents saved on the cloud. Create, customize & add image, text, digital, stamp, barcode & other signatures.

GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud SDK for Java

Cloud Document Assembly & Report Generation Java SDK that lets you generate various types of documents and reports containing dynamically populated elements, such as, lists, tables, charts, bookmarks, hyperlinks etc based on defined templates & data sources.

GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud SDK for Java

Java REST API to set, get & update document metadata in the cloud. Search the required metadata instead of traversing the whole metadata tree to extract your desired results.

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java

Parse documents hosted on the cloud via Java SDK based on user-defined data extraction templates. Extract data from cloud files in simple form as well as in the formatted text. Also supports image extraction from the cloud documents.

GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for Java

Java Cloud SDK to create, customize, & apply digital watermarks to cloud-hosted documents. Supports both image & text based watermarks. Search your required watermarks from cloud files based on various criteria.

GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for Java

Build cloud document editing Java Apps via REST API that are capable of editing Word® documents, Excel® spreadsheets, PowerPoint® presentations, in the cloud.

GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDK for Java

Online Java REST API to join, merge, append, & combine documents located on the cloud storage. Also supports extracting and splitting single cloud document into various smaller files.

GroupDocs.Translation Cloud SDK for Java

Java REST API to programmatically perform language translation of documents in the cloud. Ability to keep the cloud document formatting & structure intact. Support 70+ language translation pairs.

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VersionRelease Date
22.11December 1, 2022
22.10October 31, 2022
22.9October 12, 2022
22.8September 1, 2022
22.7July 31, 2022
22.6June 30, 2022
22.5May 31, 2022
22.4April 28, 2022
22.3March 31, 2022
22.2March 1, 2022
21.10January 25, 2022
21.4January 25, 2022
21.9January 25, 2022
21.12January 18, 2022
21.11November 30, 2021
21.8August 31, 2021
21.7July 31, 2021
21.6July 1, 2021
21.5May 31, 2021
21.3March 31, 2021
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