GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud 19.12 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud 19.12


GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud is a REST API for managing watermarks in the documents of different file formats.

It provides easy to use watermarking methods. It also allows you to search and remove previously added watermarks of popular types (including watermarks added by third-party tools) in a document.

The API provides straightforward and easy to use set of methods to add, search, and remove watermarks in supported file formats.

Major Features

This is the first release of a completely new version of the GroupDocs.Watermark.Cloud?API.

  • Includes Storage and File API which enables users to manage storage and files
  • Adding Watermarks
  • Searching Watermarks
  • Replacing Watermarks
  • Removing Watermarks

Public API Examples